Our very own Flag

June 2, 2008 | Categrory: our flag

As I placed our flag outside the front door this cool late spring morning, I notice the card that has been part of it since the day we got it. This flag has been with us for about 5 years. Before that, it flew in a field of 3000 flags commemorating the attacks of 9/11 and our country’s  collective sorrow.

Like anything we see over and over, I barely notice this card now. On one side it has the name of a victim of those attacks, Joseph W. Flounders, age 46 who died in the World Trade Center. On the other side, a schoolchild has written his message to Joseph. As a former teacher my guess as to the age of the child is about 8 or therabouts. In case you have a hard time reading it, it says ;”You have died for no reason by terrorism, God bless you and your family” it is simply signed ;” Jarod”.

This flag  flew for a year with a yellow ribbon tied to the top of it, as our son spent a year in Iraq, and one joyful day, he himself removed it. Soon, the yellow ribbon will once again be placed there, and each morning my mothers heart will pay more attention to the details of that flag and it’s meaning for another year.

I could not be more proud of our son. For the reasons he chose to become a soldier.

Little Jarrod is right. I do not know Mr. Flounders, who he was, who loved him.  The part Jarrod got right is that he died for no reason. Terrorism is just that, a darkness that has no purpose but to instill fear and bring death. Those who practice it have no understanding of what our military men and women stand for under our flag. Things like honor, duty, protection of those weaker, upholding what is right, and bringing light into darkness. God uses you to lift oppression, as He sets the captives free.  God bless each one of you who have chosen this way.

Our flag stands outside our door. It speaks of beauty, and heartache. It makes me think that if all those who think they are wise in their belief, that we do not need to fight against evil,  maybe you could talk to Jarod. He probably has something to teach you.