An Honor after all these years.

June 7, 2008 | Categrory: meetings with veterans

One of my favorite places here in northern Colorado, is the Masters Gallery in Loveland. Run by our friend Linda King, there you can relax in the sculpture gardens,or stand in awe of art that speaks of the creative, and of The Creator. Linda is one of those people who knows you as a friend after the first ten minutes. Paula and I had brought our book, We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book, for Linda to see for the first time.

As we browsed the rooms of art , Linda brought over three people that she had already shown the book to. Turns out, the two men, Cliff and Bill were veterans of the Korean War. At nineteen they had made the journey to a foreign land and met each other there. All these years later, these good friends were standing with us as the rain fell continually outside. We were treated to a place of honor by hearing their story. The third person in this little group was MayMarie, Bills wife of 50 years, to the very day!

Bill, a pastor, mentioned that he went to Korea at 195 pounds and left at 160 lbs due to the rations being frozen solid. They said they ate a lot of tootsie rolls, one thing they had from home you could still chew when frozen! Bill said they had been reserves, and considered only one step above the north Koreans by the active duty members! He also mentioned that it was hard being in the reserves because he did not feel prepared for war, he had a regular job until he was called up.

Cliff expressed that he was concerned for children now. Patriotism is no longer being taught and that children will not even know what they are losing. He was glad to see a book that could teach some of what is missing. When Bill, this strong man, told us the book made him cry, we had to send them each home with one. The hugs all around were a genuine expression of gratitude.There is always a sense of honor felt when we meet veterans who have served our country. These men are the defenders of a nation, and after all these years, it is still a big part of who they are.