My Blog Name, what's Kit Up?

May 27, 2008 | Categrory: Uncategorized

Just to inform you of the reason for my new name. I had been searching for a military tag, something to define that I am a member of the military family as the mother of a soldier and the grandmother of two army kids

After all, writing a book for military children, I just wanted a fitting name. Kit up, is a term used in the military and is defined as providing something for a specific purpose, to supply with a set of articles or tools. I hope that is what I will be doing as I blog my own experiences as an artist, writer, mom and grandma. (Besides, it’s a K word and goes well with Kathleen :)

I hope to be a helper, and encourager and a support for military families and in particular for military kids.

To kit up , is to get ready, and I hope I can ready families for easing the difficulties of deployment, looking to faith and family, and to experience life in a world where not much is certain and we can always share the good and bad times and learn to live better….so Kit up, and join me on an adventure into family life!