Military Families, We Are Behind You!

May 30, 2008 | Categrory: military families, military programs

Last night I attended a meeting in Niwot Colorado of American Military Family. A room full of people who have a passion and excitement about doing everything possible to help military families. As the mother of an Army Sargent and the grandma of two fabulous military kids, my heart was warmed by the deep caring present in that room. Debbie Quackenbush is the energy behind this organization, and her leadership qualities are a blessing to those she serves.

There are two events being planned in Colorado . Thunder in the Rockies will take place August 30th, this promises to be a huge thank you to all military families no matter what era you served in. The Heroes Hoedown in September will raise funds to provide many amazing opportunities and services, for those wounded, and for all of you out there who keep our country free. I will be writing more about these opportunities to celebrate our military and to raise funds for AMF as they get closer. They have been graciously supporting our book for children, and we thank them for that!

I also want to mention a program I just learned about in that room last night, and that is Project Sanctuary. You can find them at This group provides a retreat for veterans and their families. Check this out if your family will soon be reunited after deployment, They provide our returning heroes time in a beautiful Rocky Mountain setting ,to reunite and bond with their families. Everything for this time of refuge is free to the military family.

We have found that those who serve the military, do so out of a heart for our country and a sense of love for those who risk so much and ask so little. Military families, we are behind you!