Heroes Prayer Vigil

May 22, 2008 | Categrory: childrens books, military kids, prayer

Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot invited us to participate in honoring local service members and pray for the families. What a beautiful eveningĀ  of learning the flag insignias of the major branches of the military, the folds of the flag and meanings behind them and the presentation of the colors by the VFW. Photos of over 40 young men and women flash on a screen, and we see the faces of those who work daily to secure our freedom at great cost to themselves. We prayed for the families of each of them. The video of our book We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book, played and was well received, helping people understand the plight of military kids. Then photos of three young men who payed the ultimate price garnered our prayers and tears. Sometimes you just get a glimpse of that humbles you. A glimpse of the cost of true freedom.

The generous hearts of those there ,provided 15 new books to give to children at Ft. Carson in early June, as they prepare to say goodbye to a beloved parent. God bless them, and hold them , in this time of loss and honor.