Blue star connection

May 22, 2008 | Categrory: military families, military programs

I wrote a blog on Army Wife Talk Radio awhile back about the blue star mothers, those of us who have, or have had a child in the active duty military. The house down the street has had a flag in the window for months now, and I have been too busy, or too worried about bothering people I don’t know, to go and introduce myself. Finally I got up the nerve to knock on their door and begin the blue star connection! You know , people connect in many different ways, but there is something about a shared honor, and pain, that makes the lines fade between us. We are just mothers, with sons (or daughters) in places we wish they weren’t, but for a cause we believe wholeheartedly is necessary. Funny, as we talked on her porch, a cool evening breeze fluttering the red while and blue in the neighboring yard, I thought about all the military families and how I love them for what they do to protect us. We has not even exchanged names until the last few sentences, both of us Kathy! So if you see a banner of white, bordered by red and a blue star in the center, you will know that is a family who loves a service-member (the number of stars denotes the number of serving family members). If you see a house with a banner in the window, I would like to suggest you overcome your fears , stop and let them know you appreciate the service of their loved one, do it, you may find a new friend!