Memorial Day Book Review

May 31, 2008

Dr. Kengor of Grove City College wrote a wonderful review for We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book. Take a look!

Military Families, We Are Behind You!

May 30, 2008

Last night I attended a meeting in Niwot Colorado of American Military Family. A room full of people who have a passion and excitement about doing everything possible to help military families. As the mother of an Army Sargent and the grandma of two fabulous military kids, my heart was warmed by the deep caring present in that room. Debbie Quackenbush is the energy behind this organization, and her leadership qualities are a blessing to those she serves.

There are two events being planned in Colorado . Thunder in the Rockies will take place August 30th, this promises to be a huge thank you to all military families no matter what era you served in. The Heroes Hoedown in September will raise funds to provide many amazing opportunities and services, for those wounded, and for all of you out there who keep our country free. I will be writing more about these opportunities to celebrate our military and to raise funds for AMF as they get closer. They have been graciously supporting our book for children, and we thank them for that!

I also want to mention a program I just learned about in that room last night, and that is Project Sanctuary. You can find them at This group provides a retreat for veterans and their families. Check this out if your family will soon be reunited after deployment, They provide our returning heroes time in a beautiful Rocky Mountain setting ,to reunite and bond with their families. Everything for this time of refuge is free to the military family.

We have found that those who serve the military, do so out of a heart for our country and a sense of love for those who risk so much and ask so little. Military families, we are behind you!

My Blog Name, what's Kit Up?

May 27, 2008

Just to inform you of the reason for my new name. I had been searching for a military tag, something to define that I am a member of the military family as the mother of a soldier and the grandmother of two army kids

After all, writing a book for military children, I just wanted a fitting name. Kit up, is a term used in the military and is defined as providing something for a specific purpose, to supply with a set of articles or tools. I hope that is what I will be doing as I blog my own experiences as an artist, writer, mom and grandma. (Besides, it’s a K word and goes well with Kathleen :)

I hope to be a helper, and encourager and a support for military families and in particular for military kids.

To kit up , is to get ready, and I hope I can ready families for easing the difficulties of deployment, looking to faith and family, and to experience life in a world where not much is certain and we can always share the good and bad times and learn to live better….so Kit up, and join me on an adventure into family life!

Memorial Day 2008

May 26, 2008

Devon Edick\'s dad sakutes the flag

Sitting on hard bleaches, overcast skies making everything look soft. The contrast of gray sky broken by our red white and blue fluttering half mast. I watch the young fresh faces of soldiers and airmen placing wreaths on white crosses depicting the wars the United States sent men into battle for. Tall and straight,they are a symbol of honor, and tears come, knowing that those who gave all to buy our freedom, were as these are now. There is something glorious in Gods creation of man. These are real men, ready to defend all that we hold dear, and all we take for granted. As songs and poems, a gun salute and taps, conclude this yearly program, I am thankful to be an American citizen. I am thankful to be a military family. My fathers grave sits white in the green grass…Lt.Col. Edward Miccio. I lay a dog tag that goes with our book We Serve Too, A Child’s Deployment Book, at the base of the stone, I think he would have liked it’s sentiment.“I will be strong and courageous.” Thank you to my son Justin, an army Sargent, and to all those out there who really are strong and courageous, Thank you for your protection, your dedication, your persistent sacrifices on our behalf. Thank you to all our veterans in every part of the world, serving now, or having served , and to all the families that have loved them.

Blue star connection

May 22, 2008

I wrote a blog on Army Wife Talk Radio awhile back about the blue star mothers, those of us who have, or have had a child in the active duty military. The house down the street has had a flag in the window for months now, and I have been too busy, or too worried about bothering people I don’t know, to go and introduce myself. Finally I got up the nerve to knock on their door and begin the blue star connection! You know , people connect in many different ways, but there is something about a shared honor, and pain, that makes the lines fade between us. We are just mothers, with sons (or daughters) in places we wish they weren’t, but for a cause we believe wholeheartedly is necessary. Funny, as we talked on her porch, a cool evening breeze fluttering the red while and blue in the neighboring yard, I thought about all the military families and how I love them for what they do to protect us. We has not even exchanged names until the last few sentences, both of us Kathy! So if you see a banner of white, bordered by red and a blue star in the center, you will know that is a family who loves a service-member (the number of stars denotes the number of serving family members). If you see a house with a banner in the window, I would like to suggest you overcome your fears , stop and let them know you appreciate the service of their loved one, do it, you may find a new friend!

Heroes Prayer Vigil

Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot invited us to participate in honoring local service members and pray for the families. What a beautiful eveningĀ  of learning the flag insignias of the major branches of the military, the folds of the flag and meanings behind them and the presentation of the colors by the VFW. Photos of over 40 young men and women flash on a screen, and we see the faces of those who work daily to secure our freedom at great cost to themselves. We prayed for the families of each of them. The video of our book We Serve Too! A Child’s Deployment Book, played and was well received, helping people understand the plight of military kids. Then photos of three young men who payed the ultimate price garnered our prayers and tears. Sometimes you just get a glimpse of that humbles you. A glimpse of the cost of true freedom.

The generous hearts of those there ,provided 15 new books to give to children at Ft. Carson in early June, as they prepare to say goodbye to a beloved parent. God bless them, and hold them , in this time of loss and honor.