April is a month to celebrate military children/what can you do?

April 7, 2008 | Categrory: celebrations, military kids

April; the month of the military child.

Celebrating the sacrifices of military children is a privledge.  This month I hope you will think of ways to show the military kids you know, or those that live near you, that you appreciate their service as they wait for their parents serving our country. As thousands of American troops continue to deploy to international assignments, they leave behind a population whose service to our country is largely ignored: their children.  In the newly released We Serve Too!—A Child’s Deployment Book, we have attempted to show both civilian and military populations the sacrifices made by children of military families, and encourage them to stand strong while they wait for the return of a parent.

I just wanted to make a few suggestions for the month. At Ft. Sill, they are taking children on an outing, and gifting them with their own copy of We Serve Too! -A Child’s Deployment Book. Many military installations around the country will recogize and honor their children this month. What can those of us who are civilians do? National Guard Children do not always have the support of the military community due to the fact they are often living in areas away from the military installation. These are children in our churches, neighborhoods, schools, who need to be recognized as they miss a precious parent.

 Send a card of appreciation, tell them you are there for them. Offer to help the remaining parent by taking the kids on a outing, to a movie or a dinner at McDonalds. Invite the family over for dinner, a BBQ, it is lonely to be a single parent, and lonely to be a child waiting. Show interest in the child’s school work, maybe they could use some help on their homework. If  a military child is a friend to your child, talk with your child about the sacrifices military families are making on the behalf of all of us, and include this friend in some of your family activities.

The military life is a calling, one that directly offers  us the freedoms we mostly take for granted.Think about that this month. Lets think of ways to honor these special children and their families. If you have ideas please comment and pass them on, we can brighten the days of our littlest heroes as they serve too!