American Military Family…honoring our troops!

April 12, 2008 | Categrory: military programs

 I caught a great story on 9 news , about the groundbreaking for Matthew and his wife Tracy, a couple who are looking forward to a home that is accessible and comfortable. They found themselves needing such accommodations after  Matthew was shot while serving in Iraq. 

As we searched for organizations dedicated to serving military families, we were honored to find American Military Family. This was the first time we heard about this wonderful project to benefit Matthew and Tracy. I sent founder Debbie Quackenbush a copy of our book We Serve Too!-A Child’s Deployment Book and got a wonderful reception. They placed our book on their “kids making a difference” page. This group is just interested in providing whatever will help military families and are not caught up in getting the recognition.

This organization  cares for the troops in the field with their program of adopt -a- soldier,  find joy in providing new homes for wounded soldiers, and are available for military families in any kind of need. They have  a number of fundraising opportunities coming up : a spaghetti dinner on April 26th in Longmont to benefit a wounded local soldier, Hoedown for Heroes…their website is full of ways to help our military.

This group is energetic and passionate. Their website is one that all families and friends of the military should check out. Please consider supporting this group, getting involved, and in turn really offering help to the ones we are so grateful to-our military families!