Our New Release:We Serve Too! A Child's Deployment Book

February 7, 2008

We have unveiled our first book for military kids! We are finding that not only is it a hit with the little ones who love to wear the dog tags that say” We Serve Too!” and on the other side “I will be strong and courageous”, but the parents are loving it too. The best part of having a books for children in military families is hearing stories like, “our daughter wants to hear this story every night” . A note from an army mom who told us her 8 year old son finds comfort in wearing the dog tags to school, and says the prayer for Daddy every night before bed. These children are why we wanted to publish We Serve Too! , because they sacrifice and serve, yet for the most part remain unnoticed. Children are very resilient . I found when I worked in adoption, that children can accept a huge amount of change , and if the adults involved are open to talking and sharing, the child’s adjustments are much easier. Our book is designed for parents and children to have discussions about important issues surrounding the journey of being family. We are looking forward to using this blog to discuss things that will help and enhance the experiences of military families, things that can help kids cope, just fun things that families can do to stay connected to their loved ones , some life experiences and who knows what else! We are excited by the opportunities being given to us to reach out to military kids, and can’t wait to share it !